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Live & Studio Mix

A whole new level of intelligence. The Live & StudioMix Analogue Mixing Frames integrate the best in technology featuring PSL Preamps, Oliver FX Enginges, Hybrid Mix Control, Professional BlueBox Connection, Hermetically Sealed Fluid Glide Fades and more to transform the way you look at analogue mixing

Oliver FX Engine

22 Pre-sets library with 99 effects on two dedicated effects engines.

The Oliver FX engines are designed by the same in house team that created the mix engineers favourite PSL pre amps platform.


The engine consists of 22 stunning reverb and effects along with 99 parameters, on a stereo FX engine providing studio grade effects across Room, Hall, Plate, Reverb, Chorus and more effect categories.


The Reverbs and effects are all instantly accessible with a single button push or knob turn.


Either way you choose to use the Oliver FX engine , live or in the studio – the 22 effects algorithms along with  99 user programs gives you complete power of true stereo processing.


Both the engines are capable of intense processing of high quality audio effects featuring the deep ,rich reverb and effects algorithm.


AD / DA Conversion

>75 dB

Dynamic Range


Internal Processing - 20 Hz - 20kHz


The core design philosophy on the pre-amp stage is to achieve better performance from the ADC. 


When laying out components for a mixed-signal PCB, certain considerations are critical to achieve optimum performance. Mixed-signal PCB’s are particularly tricky to design since analogue devices possess different characteristics compared to digital components: different power rating, current, voltage and heat dissipation.


Our designs are based on two basic principles of Electromagnetic Compatibility. 


One, that currents should be returned to their source as locally and compactly as possible, through the smallest possible loop area. 


Two, that a system should have only one reference plane, if not we would create a dipole antenna. 


Our team has worked on this and designed the layout to prevent digital logic ground currents from contamination on our mixed signal P.C.B. 


These layout helps achieve maximum signal integrity ,from every input to every output, & supports the highest headroom and low noise possible resulting in a wide and smooth gain structure.

Power - Signal - Layout

PSL Preamps


Professional, Wireless Input Connection

The Blue-Box is a professional grade, reliable bluetooth 4.1 connection for signal input & control. Bluebox provides a complete wireless solution with Bluetooth stack and integrated antenna in a compact surface mount package.  

The input levels are pre-tuned to give you that extra boost to compensate the loss on a wireless playback streaming.


The bluebox module has integrated Li-Ion charger and contains a digital audio interface.  It supports HSP, HFP, SPP, A2DP, and AVRCP profiles.  Both AAC and SBC codecs are supported for A2DP.






The USB port is designed to play or record on a stereo track and replaces the traditional recording devices in the widest range of aplications. It makes the recording experience seamless by transferring the recorded data directly onto the external drive. 



File format MP3, WAV, APE & FLAC 

Sampling Frequency : 16kHz – 48 kHz

Bit Rate : 8Kbit/s – 320 kbits ,



File format: MP3 

Sampling Frequency : 44.1kHz 

Bit Rate : 128kbit/s 

Folder Support : upto 8 levels



Do more with USB

High-performance USB Playback & Recording

Why are we

the best analogue mixer

Smooth Mixing Experience

Optimised Interface featuring everything you need for 

a great mix

The Studio & Mix Live mixing desks are designed to optimise user workflows. The desks are lightweight, versatile and feature rich for an enhanced mix experience.


The experience on the faders and push buttons further improves the user interface. You can also connect the Studio Live Desks to a Windows or Mac PC via USB data cable


The range also features


  • Responsive 3-band EQ on each channel 

  • Channel and master meters 

  • Individual channel pre/post switching 

  • Mutes on all faders 

  • Two track monitoring and local monitor output 

  • Dedicated stereo & peak retaining monitor meters

  • Electronically balanced XLR outputs with + 26 dBu drive capability  

  • 7-band graphic EQ 

Fluid Guide

Hermetically Sealed Robust Faders

Clip Display

Smart display for quick warning

Global Power

Switch model power supply with a 

dynamic range of 120v to 240v 

+48v Hybrid phantom power

Phantom Power

Gold Plated copper terminals provide 

premium sound quality & durability

Quality Connections

Maximum input level for mic/line

+34 dBu

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